7 Reasons Picture Books Are Important In Child Development

In order to properly raise children, it is important that they are exposed to certain books which may guide them in a number of different ways. These books should encourage the child to learn the alphabet, numbers, and words. At the same time teaching them how to be polite and giving them first hand experiences with their world. Picture books can serve as an excellent way for parents and teachers to introduce children into this world. Without overwhelming them with information all at once.

Parents, especially those with multiple young children, may be hesitant to read a book to their child due to time constraints. However, you should never ignore a child’s interest in learning. The books that are chosen should be age appropriate and non-violent. They should also reflect your family’s values in order to prevent other people from influencing your beliefs. It is also important that you read the book yourself first to understand it. Reading aloud may not only be a skill to be taught but also one that allows children to improve their comprehension in the process.

Here are seven reasons why picture books are important in child development:

1. Picture books can be used to teach conflict resolution.

Picture books can teach children how to deal with different situations in their lives. For example, it may show them how to deal with bullies or that they can turn to someone they trust if they are feeling scared or sad. Children learn from these books that there are different ways of solving problems and resolving conflicts. This will help them later in life when trying to find solutions for various dilemmas.

2. Teach concepts such as opposites and colors through visual images.

Children can associate certain opposites from their world such as “hot” and “cold”, or “big” and “small”. They are able to recognize the similarities in these concepts. In turn, this helps them understand how two different things can be similar.

3. Picture books can help build imagination and creativity.

Picture books offer children the chance to build their own creations through descriptions, images and text. By reading and interacting with the illustrations, children can act out the events that occur in the story. This can help develop a child’s imagination and creativity as they are able to create their own idea of what might happen next.

4. Picture books help foster language development and vocabulary acquisition.

A child’s familiarity with a book that has lots of words will allow him or her to understand more complex words later when they are older, but this is only possible if the child has been introduced to these words early on in life. Picture books may also teach children new words that they can then use in their everyday language, helping them learn the definition of vocabulary words.

5. Picture books help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

A child can do so many different things while reading a book, such as interact with the illustrations and even read the story to another person. This allows a child to understand that he or she is capable of performing tasks and being independent. They also learn that they have control over their lives by making their own choices. This can also help them discover their own interests and abilities as they get older while helping them develop interests that they never knew they had.

6. Picture books show different points of view.

A book that has various short stories can help a child understand how the world may be viewed by others. It can also teach him or her about what is important to other people and why. This gives the child a broader understanding of the world and why things are the way that they are.


In conclusion, picture books can be a great way for children to begin to learn about the world around them. They offer children an opportunity to explore their own creativity. Children can get a basic understanding of the world that they live in. Time with picture books will help them learn how to be social. They can understand language better and also help build their self-esteem. If parents have time and resources, they should take advantage of every opportunity they have to read a book with their child.

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