10 Tips For Encouraging Children to read

Reading has been linked to numerous benefits for children, including a greater understanding of their environment, improved memory and comprehension skills, as well as increased vocabulary. And chances are your family is already reader’s having so decide to instill the joy of reading in their youngsters. However, some parents find it difficult to help kids get into the habit of reading by themselves. This blog post is here to give you helpful tips on how you can encourage your child or student to read more often.

How to encourage a child to read more:

Create time to read in your daily schedule

Choose a time each day where the child will have access to reading materials without distraction. This could be as simple as him choosing a book that interests him at the library, or even asking if he’d like to go with you to buy a few books in the bookshop.

Find books that inspire them

Look for books that are popular, or that your kids would enjoy reading. This will let you know whether they are interested in reading. Be sure to go through the book with them and ask them questions about it so they can choose to read it themselves.

Encourage your child to read what they want

Help your child discover books that they like, and encourage them to read more of the same material regardless of how many other options they have.

Let the child choose

Encourage your child to make choices on their own regarding what they read, instead of choosing it for them.

Reward your child for reading regularly

Rewarding children is a great way to motivate them in doing something they find enjoyable. It will encourage your kids to love reading as well, and it will also give them positive feedback which will motivate them to read more often.

Be available to engage with your child

Don’t avoid asking your child questions about the books they are reading, or ask them what they found at the library. By being present, you will be able to encourage and inspire your child to read more on their own terms.

Help them find their reading speed

Selecting books that require a variety of comprehension skills will encourage your child to read more in general as well as improving their speed and attention span for longer periods of time.

Identify the best reading time

Consider your child’s preference on when they like to read, and work around that time. You may find that reading early in the morning or late at night is a better time for your child to read than what they usually choose. Changing this routine will help them get into the habit of reading more often.

Pause to discuss the story

After your child has finished reading a book, be sure to ask them questions about it. This will allow them to feel more like an active participant in what they are reading, and encourage them to read more often.

Read it again and again

Help your child see how much they can enjoy reading by allowing them to read the same book over and over. This will enable them to see how much they know about the book, how well they can recite what happened, and most importantly keep the material fresh in their mind.

Boosting your child’s reading skills is not just a fun thing to do, but will help them develop better cognitive skills. By encouraging your children to read more, you can instill a love of reading that sticks with them for life. And you may find that they want to read just because they want to read, rather than because you made reading something enjoyable.

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